Hi, I’m Elena. I’m a writer and editor and have a blog. (And here you are! Reading it! I’m not sure why, but…cool!) I read books obsessively, especially since finishing college and being able to read any books I want. It’s glorious. When I read something really great that begs to be shared…well, some part of me feels sorry for the wide-eyed people who were unlucky enough to be standing there, breathing the air and minding their own business… Hence, the blog. Thanks for reading and breathing! Way to be you!

Honestly, I most of all like hearing what other people are thinking. Feel free to share. The comments section isn’t nearly as scary as I used to think it was, so…take a risk! It’s a pretty lonely internet without a little back-and-forth dialogue.

On the topic of books…

My favorite things to read tend to be children’s and Young Adult fiction. Some of my favorite YA books are nearly a hundred years old; some are newer. There are some really awesome, little-known YA books out there. I keep mentioning some of my favorites in hopes that someday, somewhere, somebody will actually take my suggestions and read Megan Whalen Turner. Cough. (There’s other writers too, I suppose.) And of course I’m always looking for new books as long as they’re not textbooks. Notice how there aren’t many textbook bloggers. (“Boy, I just loved the evocative detail of chapter four, Analyzing Your Financial Statement“…actually I was a part of a blog like that once…)

Anyway, join in anytime. We’d love to have you. Happy reading!

This is how I feel about books.

(Note: sadly, not an actual picture of me.)


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Elena, enjoy your blog. Just wondering: you posted a picture of a work of art — a bird carved into a book. I contacted the linked artist: Lipski. And he said it wasn’t his. Just wondering if you could point me in the right direction? I love the image and want to make sure it’s ok to use.

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  3. haha I love the picture at the end! so perfect! Also, I laughed at your cake-through-bars joke…mostly because I could hear your voice in my head how you would say it. =)

  4. Love the blog. I have a daughter who is named Elena. She’s into children’s literature too. Thanks for the reading recommendations. We are just heading into “chapter books”…

    • Hi Michele! Thanks for stopping by last August. 🙂 Your daughter has a great name, if I do say so… 🙂 Chapter books! Some of my favorites. Huge swaths of my childhood are completely lost to the Boxcar Children books, and the Little House books, and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, and Pippi Longstocking and… I’m happy to get that kind of lost. Hope you all are having a good time with it!

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