Death by Cuteness

It’s good to be back. (School came first. There’s always excuses.)

But now that I’m back, I thought I’d give you something special for Christmas….It’s two websites! Hooray!!!! Don’t say I never give you anything.

I found some websites during my school procrastination that maybe will add to seasonal cheer. Just for fun. The first is You copy and paste a section of your own writing, and the site analyzes it and tells you what famous writer’s style your writing is similar to. It’s cool! I don’t know how scientific or accurate it is, but fun. Apparently I write like Charles Dickens, J. K. Rowling, and a new favorite writer, David Foster Wallace.


The second site is sort of a cute-factor motivation. It’s called Written? Kitten! at It’s for those people who see pictures of kittens and fall wildly, madly in love with the picture, suddenly losing all muscle ability and/or consciousness to do anything beyond weeping for cuteness… You know who you are. These kinds of people scare me, mostly because I’ve never been that struck by pictures of baby cats, and also because whenever I try to pet cute, clawed things, I come away bleeding. Not exactly the reinforcement we’re going for. But if you like that sort of thing, this website gives you a fresh kitten every hundred words. 


Say it with me: Awwww…


Merry Christmas, everyone!


kitten photo credit to


6 thoughts on “Death by Cuteness

  1. Haha, love this! Thanks for the links. Although I’m not among the cat-lovers of the world, finals week nearly did me in, and ever word for my papers was a struggle…I was desperate enough where even cats were enough to motivate me. Still working on that chocolate dispenser we talked about, though 🙂 Thanks for the post!

    • I think a chocolate dispenser every hundred words would be immensely motivating. Although, it would have to be designed so I couldn’t outsmart it, because otherwise I’d give up on the writing and just sit and eat chocolate. Just being honest, haha.
      Thanks for commenting!

    • Cool! I don’t know that the website’s very reliable (it uses some kind of simple algorithms, I think), but it’s fun to see. I’ve found a few authors I’ve never heard of, which is a happy surprise. 🙂

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