We’re Back!

As some of you know, I recently took a class on Social Media in which I blogged for credit. It was pretty great: I write posts, I get grades, everybody goes home happy. Apparently I am a creature of habit and incentive, because the end of the class has led to a deplorable lack of posts in recent weeks.

But no more! (She says with more positivity than practicality…) Here are three things I hope to change or improve in the future:

1. I hope to continue my Young Adult book-blogging project through the end of this year. They really are my favorite “category” of books, and I don’t think certain YA books get enough credit. But that’s a rant for another time… Which brings me to my next point:

2. Free For All Friday is coming to a blog post near you. Maybe. It’s where I write about whatever I want (unlike the other times, when I write about…nevermind.) Free For All Friday (or Thursday, or Monday, or…) has as much structure and organization as the name implies, so we can’t really predict it. But it’s bound to be fun!

3. Continuing with all the newness and returning-ness and happiness of this post, I’ve got a new About section. It makes up for in honesty what it gave up in zaniness*. Let it be known that, while I have always wanted to major in Underwater Basketweaving, this is sadly not the case. Sorry to disappoint. Also, it turns out Underwater Basketweaving, according to Wikipedia, does not mean the amazing full-contact weaving sport the name implies. Now I’m disappointed.

Finally, I liked this bizarre movie as a kid and haven’t seen it for years. Writing the title brought back nice memories. It could be a terrible movie for all I know, but I prefer to stay in my ignorant bliss, if that’s the case. Have you seen it?

*The original zany bio went something like, “Elena is a dramatic figure, often seen kayaking the Nile on her lunch breaks…Blah blah blah, hubris, hubris.” It was spectacular. I was spectacular. Unfortunately truth is stranger than fiction, so we’ve opted for the boring in hopes of being taken seriously. (Take that, all you unbelievers.)


4 thoughts on “We’re Back!

  1. Keep writing Elena, make up words, let your mind flow freely, rewrite the thesaurus, and say nice things about your relatives! the good stuff is flowing. I dream t about underwater basket weaving once. Woke up with a black eye (probably from what I did while drowning). It must be a contact sport.

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