Hey Bookworms! It’s another BookWeek!

It’s Children’s Book Week!  From May 2nd to 8th the streamers will be thrown and the little bookmarks handed out in celebration. Hooray! The packaging is half the fun. I think the poster by Peter Brown above is sort of heartwarming.

And I don’t know about you, but I rarely used the bookmarks they gave us in school because it would mean putting down the book. But they’re still pretty!

Today I’m stealing a bookmark from the happy colorful Children’s Book Week 2011 website. Jeff Kinney, the author and illustrator of Diary of a Wimpy Kid (which I haven’t read but may yet), has designed us a bookmark. And not just a bookmark. No. A full-fledged, disclose-your-bookworm-self, fill-in-the-blank list.

Whoo! Exciting! Disclosure time. I had a hard time whittling this list down to one answer per blank. Here we go:

1. The longest book I’ve ever read:  based on thickness, Harry Potter #6—you could kill a person with this book (I’ve written about that before); based on length, the Bible.

2. A character in a book I’d like to have as a friend would be:  as opposed to an enemy? Gandalf. God. The Dread Pirate Roberts.

–Oh, oh, you meant a friend… Anne of Green Gables, definitely.

3. A book whose title sounds like the story of my life isAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Haha. That’s not every day, but my life sounds more dramatic that way.

4. A book I tried to read but couldn’t get past the first page was: The Count of Monte Cristo. I’ve started it three times. Maybe I need a large print copy.

5. A great book for reading in the bathroom is: a page-turner, that way you don’t even hear the pounding on the door. Kidding! I much prefer reading on the couch, or in front of a fireplace, or sometimes in a tree. (But rarely. Just when you get comfortable you fall out.)

I clearly had difficulty keeping the answers down—it was too much fun.

What about you? Tell us your answers to the list!


8 thoughts on “Hey Bookworms! It’s another BookWeek!

  1. 1. Length–also the Bible. Thickness–the Norton Anthology of English Literature. I throw out my back every day carrying that to class.
    2. Atticus Finch.
    3. In Search of Sleep. Please note that I have never read this book.
    4. Keat’s Endymion. The first page was breathtaking; I couldn’t read the rest.
    5. Ignorance Is Blitz: Mangled Moments of History From Actual College Students.
    I have to say I agree with you, Elena–I definitely want God, Gandalf, and the Dread Pirate Roberts all on my side.

    • Wow, good for you! All studious and stuff. I have never heard of most of these books! Are they real?
      Haha, I just looked up In Search of Sleep. Tagline: Straight Talk About Babies, Toddlers, and Night Walking. hahaha…
      Think I’ll leave Keats for later, it looks beautiful, but yes, pretty long!
      And Atticus Finch…I can see you being friends. 🙂
      Do you ever wish you could go back to “Children’s Book Week” days and read whatever you liked and forget the textbooks?

  2. 1. The Bible, of course, after that…ummm, trying to remember. I think The Brothers Karamazov was pretty long. I guess I don’t really keep track very well.
    2. Barnabas Sackett. Not a very good answer cuz hardly anyone’s going to know who that is…Louis L’amour fans, you know what I’m talking about. Oh, and Meg from Little Women.
    3. Julie by Catherine Marshall. Okay, that was a cop-out. Maybe Mine Eyes Have Seen by Ann Rinaldi.
    4. I always give it at least until page 3. Actually, the only book I can think of that I started and haven’t finished is The Pickwick Papers, but I’m a good 3 chapters in. And I fully intend to finish it…someday.
    5. Do I have to answer this one, cuz that’s just embarrassing. When we were younger, we had these books that were full of short facts/stories about all sorts of things in history. They were very educational…much of my Trivial Pursuit and Knowledge Bowl skill was gained from these books. And as a disclaimer, they weren’t always in the bathroom, so I usually read them in a different location.

  3. 1. Bible, then the Narnia books (all compiled in an epic bible-like book)
    2. I’d have to say Atticus as well, but I’m also going to say Juni B. Jones, a character I was introduced to this summer working at a school-age childcare program. She made me cry with laughter more than once.
    3. A series of Unfortunate Events… haha, no. But I really don’t know. I’m just going to say Walking on Water by Madeline L’Engle
    4. Another book by Madeline L’Engle– I tried the whole skip to the middle/end bit and even that didn’t work. And I can’t even remember the title. Sad
    5. A great book to read (or rather look at) in the bathroom is Awkward Family Photos. Seriously. You’ll laugh and laugh and laugh some more. And laughter is healthy… among other things 😉

  4. 1. The Lord of the Rings, if you count that as one book. Otherwise, Harry Potter or The Count of Monte Cristo. I won’t count the Bible for this, though I’ve read it.
    2. A friend? Hmm. Aslan. Lucy Pevensie. Most any other Narnian.
    3. Pilgrim’s Progress. ’tis slow, painful, and beautiful. 🙂
    4. Actually, not sure that’s happened. Though… I didn’t get so far into War and Peace when first I tried… 😀
    5. Any book I’m currently sharing with my sister and want my fair (or unfair…) turn with, so I can lock the door.

  5. 1. I usually don’t keep track of this, but I would probably have to say any of the three books from the “Song of Albion” trilogy by Steven Lawhead. An amazing series, by the way; I totally recommend it. 🙂
    2. Rhi Bran or Merian from Lawhead’s King Raven trilogy. Aslan. Pretty much any Narnian. Samwise Gamgee. Way too many others to count. 🙂
    3. Story of my life?
    4. I think I might have done this with The Silmarillion by Tolkien. I also tried reading it when I was 10 or something, so that could be a reason. I don’t think I was expecting something so heavy. I do want to try it again though, now that I’m older. 😉
    5. I think the only time I read in the bathroom is when I’m having a really warm bath and spa treatment. 🙂 So in that case, anything that’s long and probably epic. I really liked reading The Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson. Either that or (this is going to sound terrible) a romance of some sort. But I’m picky about those, so it won’t be just any romance. It will probably be an action novel with a bit of romance woven in. Yeah, one of those. 🙂
    Thanks for posting this up! I really like looking at these responses and remembering good books and finding new ones that I want to read.

    • Fun books! I hope I don’t sound like I don’t like romances. 🙂 Dang it, I probably do. Some of my favorite books are romances…It’s just that so many of them are so badly written, that I think they get a bad rep. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Happy reading!

  6. Hey thanks everyone for sharing! There’s definitely some books (a lot, actually) on these lists that I’ve never heard of. Hopefully someday I will get to read them. They say word of mouth does more for selling books (well, anything) than all the advertising people can do. Now you can say you’ve done your part. 🙂 I’d love to hear anytime you have a new book to recommend!

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